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Buffalo Bills face the Dirty Birds and Nyets for back-to-back AFC EAST Titles and No. 3 seed in playoffs

Well, this is it.

Two games against subpar opponents (looking at you, Jacksonville) to lock up a second consecutive AFC EAST title and home field in the playoffs.

Last week was a revelation – we went into Foxboro and made them “shut the %$^& up” (Thank you, Diggs).

Now comes a big test for this team, because on paper these next two weeks should be a cakewalk. But we know better …. That third AFC seed is in reach, too. According to ESPN, you know who that would give us? You guessed it — our friends up in New England, again.

This time feels different, doesn’t it?

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Don’t be like us, who walked out of the greatest comeback ever against Houston in 1993. You’ll never live it down. Trust us!

Go Bills!

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